For First Time Visitors

Information for First Time Visitors (FAQs)

  1. Where is the church service held?
    The worship is held in the sanctuary on the upper lever. An elevator is available and stairs. Children’s Church is held on level 2 immediately following the Kids Message by the Pastor.
  2. Do I have to be introduced during the worship?
    No, we do not ask visitors to stand and introduce themselves. An announcement is made at the beginning of the service welcoming any visitors and that is all. There are visitor cards in each pew that can be completed and placed in the offering plate and an attendance register in each pew.
  3. What can I expect during the worship service?
    Entering the sanctuary, greeters will be present and you will be given a bulletin of the church service. There will be music, hymns sung by the congregation, music by the choir and/or a children’s choir. There is a Kids Message given by the Pastor at the beginning of the church service. Afterwards the children are excused for children’s church. There are clipboards available for the children with activities/coloring during the service. There will be a sermon by the Pastor and prayers.
  4. Is communion given?
    Grace Church welcomes everyone to take communion, including visitors, members of another faith, and those never baptized. Children are welcome to partake of communion according to parents desire. Grace Church offers communion on the first Sunday of each month. Grape juice and bread are served to each in the pews by the Consistory members.
  5. Is Baptism offered?
    Baptism is a one time sacrament offered at Grace Church. Baptism is usually done for infants, however there is no age restriction. Baptisms are scheduled with the Pastor. Please call the church office.
  6. What should I wear?
    Grace Church does not have a dress policy. Dress ranges from casual, to jeans, to professional. During the summer months the sanctuary and classrooms are air-conditioned.